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Country Year SG No. Description. Stamp Image
France 1943 SG 801 Regional Head dresses ~ Auvergne Regional Head dresses ~ Auvergne
France 1943 SG 798 Regional Head dresses ~ Bretagne. Regional Head dresses ~ Bretagne
UK 1980 SG 1128 Famous Authoresses ~ Mrs Gaskell wearing
a lace-edged collar.
Famous Authoresses ~ Mrs Gaskell
Sweden 1965 SG 486 Frederika Bremer 1801-1865. Frederika Bremer 1801-1865
Austria 1971 SG 1603 Erica Handel-Mazzetti 1871-1955
wearing a lace veil.
Erica Handel-Mazzetti 1871-1955
Australia 1963 SG 355 Abel Tasman - Discoverer of Tasmania. Abel Tasman - Discoverer of Tasmania
Australia 1986 SG 1020 Lord Sydney wearing a lace cravat. Lord Sydney wearing a lace cravat
U.S.A. 1965 SG 1276 Lucy Stone wearing a lace collar. Lucy Stone
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