Other Textiles Depicted on Stamps

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Country Year SG No. Description. Stamp Image
Great Britain 1999 SG 2085 The Worker's Tale. Part of the Millennium Series
Woven Threads (Woollen Industry)
(Just like a piece of Linen/Cloth stitch)
The Worker's Tale
Slovakia 1939 SG 43 Girl doing embroidery. Girl doing embroidery
Canada 1982 SG 1068 Heritage Artifacts - Spinning Wheel/Rouet Heritage Artifacts - Spinning Wheel/Rouet
Sudan 1962 SG 186 Picking Cotton. Picking Cotton
Belgium ## SG ### Reel of Thread & Woven Fabric ~ Made in Belgium. Reel of pink thread
Italy 1950 SG 765 Provincial Occupations ~ Weaving. Provincial Occupations ~ Weaving
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