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         I found in 2004 and the site is an ideal medium for selling off my books, vintage postcards, left-over lace 
         & craft supplies plus various collectables inherited from my grandmother and mother as well as continually downsizing after 
         4+ house moves in 9 years.

         Along with many other eBidders, I soon became involved with the monthly YDC [Your Donation Counts] charity auctions.
                              YDC Logo + dates

         The YDC charity auctions were started back in 2003 by YorkiesAuctions. The original name of the monthly charity auctions was 
         "Yorkies Daft Competition" the reason being that forum members competed against each other to raise the largest amount for 
         charity each month and Yorkie came up with the idea and ran the competition. When Yorkie had to stop running the YDC in late 
         2006 due to family and work commitments the name of the auctions were changed to "Your Donation Counts".
         The YDC is open to all Ebid members and is a fun way to raise money for charity. YDC announcements can be found on eBid's 
         Charity & Fundraising Forum, and forum members are always happy to help new members wishing to take part in YDC. 
         Each month the winner of YDC gets to nominate the following YDC's featured charity. eBidders are able to support the featured 
         charity or support a charity of their own choice ~ or both :) 
                        **Please note that the YDC charity auctions run for only 4 days each month ~ 24-28th ~ January-November.**

         After losing my mother in December 2008, I opened a fundraising store on eBid  - to help
         raise funds for her favourite charity - **E.A.C.H. ~ the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices** Loads of goodies now on sale - so do pop in
         and take a look.

         April 2016 - I started adding new listings for the **The Dyfi Osprey Project**
         It is one of the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust's flagship projects based at the Cors Dyfi Reserve near Machynlleth here in Mid Wales. 
         Building work on the new Dyfi Wildlife Centre should begin this autumn [2019] but fundraising efforts are still needed to raise £250,000 
         to match fund the Heritage Lottery Fund grant.

        The Dyfi Osprey Project
        E.A.C.H. ~ the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices      
        The YDC Facebook page
        YDC [Your Donation Counts] Charity Auctions.

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